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Friday, July 16, 2010

painted mirror 2010

I used tons of glitter and lenticular sheet circles for this one. Lenticular sheets is a material that changes image with the direction of light hitting it.


  1. This is a quite SPECTACULAR wall hanging!!I love it!!! I just love your wonderful exhuberant colours, threads, beads....!Thanks for posting pics to share!!

  2. It is very beautiful and interesting.
    I'll make one, can get inspiration from you?

  3. Its an interesting unusual piece.
    Love the lights in your plant. I have done that for years. My MIL thinks I am nuts. "Never knew anyone to put Christmas lights up all year long". Idiot!

  4. Very Beautiful piece of art. I like the way you play with colours. Your Projects wih CD's are great. Thanks for sharing.