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Friday, July 23, 2010

Cd quilt painting 2010

I decided to quit after making 12 of these cds... and place them on canvas with a little Angelina film.I realised that I put too much work into them and didnt want to have to cover parts! While joyfully creating these cds, I came up with another great way to use them in my artwork.I will be finished with the other cd painting very soon. I think I will start focusing on my BJP after that!


  1. This is stunning Unnar!!! After ereading what you did and how you did it, I am truely impressed!!! Amazing idea and fabulous work!!!!

  2. I am in BJP 2010 as well but I am very behind!! i do plan to catch up soon!

  3. This is very cool! I just love all the different colors and designs.