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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Meanwhile .....

 I'm taking a break from butterfly for now and I'm  playing with scrap leather and beads .


  1. You are very talented and your art is joyful! What a gift!

  2. wow , that's quite the compliment , I sincerely Thank you again ! I hope to inspire ! As you can see im somewhat of a scatter brain , it sometimes takes years to complete one piece , because I keep jumping from one project to another . Ive got a line of incomplete projects just begging to be finished !

  3. I understand as I tend to be like that too. I follow my own flow and sometimes it doesn't flow at all (like these last weeks because of crazy events in my life) or like I expected.

    But what I see in your beautiful art is the gift of being true to who we are, and this morning I realize that I carry that gift too. So thank you for mirroring that to me!