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Monday, June 18, 2012

center piece

Ive taken old cds and cut them up into pieces which were stitched down with sewing thread.I painted the surrounding fabric with black acrylic paint. This will eventually be used to create a larger design.


  1. amazing piece of art!!have you done shisha work around cd chips?how did you do that next to next like crowded?i feel like to make one like this..please clarify my doubt..thanks in advance..i like to follow you:)..

  2. Thank you Leela.... Cutting up the cd is tricky... some cds shatter and crack when you try to cut it, while others cut much easier..try different brands..then the chips were glued onto fabric and stitched on like shisha mirrors. I used sewing thread..( 4-ply )I am happy to inspire you!

  3. thank you so much unnur for the prompt reply..i think it needs much hard work.even though im thinking of trying one..

  4. Dear Unnur. Nice to see ur blog. Its wonderful and colorful. All ur works are so intricate and beautiful.

    Im a new blogger and browsing thru crafts blogs. pls have a look at my blog. I vl keep updating